Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Busy

Sorry for the shortage of posts last week.  Since Lent has started, I've been trying to limit my postings and my overall computer time.  It's entirely too easy to get wrapped up in the Internet and not accomplish anything.

Last week was our international food week, and I simply didn't have the time to be on here, and cook, and get my housework done.

I did accomplish something pretty major though!  I have bought a domain name for my future, charity-based, business.  I am going to call it "The Least of These."  There will be a line of cards, t-shirts and possibly book bags and the emphasis is going to be on raising people's awareness of the myriad opportunities available to get involved.  From the research I've been doing, it seems that there are plenty of organizations out there who are busy, trying to help the poor, and such, however...there's still so much that can be done.  This is just my attempt at putting my money where my mouth is, and being a good steward of the talents I've been given, in hopes of making a dent in the suffering in the world.  I've already got several ideas stewing.  Right now, all I need is a little bit more "know how" for some of the projects I want to tackle,and then, I'll be in business.

Until such time as I have products for you all to consider, why not hop over to the links page, or the shopping page and see if you can't find some other worthy cause to help out.  Remember, even Jesus left the taking care of His needs up to His Father.  Why not trust God with taking care of you and ask Him to show you how you can help take care of the rest of His children?

Until next time,

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